Data Protection and IT Law

We are specialists in data protection law. In the years 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, we were named as a leading law firm the field, including ranking under the top 100 in Germany and top 3 in our region.

Our clients include start-ups, mid-size firms and international corporations. Our consultancy services have been recognised on multiple occasions, including in 2016 when we were named a Hidden Champion in the field.

We consult companies on all questions relating to data protection, especially the implementation of the GDPR:

We pay particular attention to our valued interdisciplinary consultancy, pragmatic approaches and economic efficiency. We represent our clients with appropriate proportionality when negotiating with supervisory authorities, associations and works councils.

The GDPR has required the implementation of new and updated processes, in particular when dealing with data subject rights or data breach notifications. In addition, companies need to ensure accountability through comprehensive data protection management. Contracts and other documentation (e.g., record of processing activities and data protection impact assessments) must be created and revised, technical data protection ensured and regularly audited, and data protection officers appointed nand trained. To this extent, Zuhorn und Partner advises, trains and guides national and international companies on all issues and projects for implementing the General Data Protection Regulation.

We can also support you in drafting and negotiating agreements in the areas of licenses, software and hardware, and can consult on questions around the legal design of IT projects and websites. This also includes protecting and defending your intellectual property rights.